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Monday, January 18, 2010

Are You "Mommied (or Daddied) Out"?

I had some close friends over the other night, a family with several kids. During the course of the evening my friend looked at me and said, “I’m Mommied-out? Can you tell? Do you ever get that way?” You betcha. Here’s how I know that I’m getting Mommied-out-

1. I have had enough touching. If one more kid tries to sit on my lap or give me a hug while I’m preoccupied, my first reaction is to nudge them away. (How terrible is that!? Being annoyed over a hug?!)
2. I overreact. Of course my four year old shouldn’t have thrown his clothes all over his floor. Really though, maybe a ranting ten minute lecture while pacing frantically around his room was uncalled for. Not to mention ineffective.
3. I yell, “STOP YELLING!”
4. Everything is my husband’s fault. I pick at him over insignificant shortcomings until he smiles and says, “Do you need to get out tonight?” Which insults me- how dare he say such a thing?
5. Monica says, “It’s when the “mommy-bear comes out” and its not protection.”
6. “I find that I am not enjoying my children. I’m not laughing as much.”
7. “Noise bothers me.”

When I get “mommied-out” there’s really only one thing to do- get away for a while. Sometimes a simple trip to the grocery store will do it for me, sometimes a date with my honey or a friend, and once or twice a year I manage a weekend away. Amazing how a little time off puts things back into perspective and makes my family look sweet and shiny when they run to greet me at the door. What works for you?

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