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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Y’know how a few years back, as soon as the diagnosis “RAD” became the alphabet soup special-of-the-day, author after author decided to write a book about it? In all of the studies and theories about what is going on in a child’s brain though, little thought has gone into what happens to the parent. Until now. Attachment guru, Daniel Hughes, has just published a ground-breaking book, “Brain-Based Parenting,” that addresses this topic. Hughes is well-known in adoption circles for his deep understanding of neuroscience. (That’s “nice-speak” for, “his books are really difficult to get through, but I learn a lot if I take it slow and look up words as I go.”

In steps our own Leah Brouwers, who has studied under Dr. Hughes, and is the perfect person to arrange the information and explain it on our terms. She will be offering a workshop on October 13th at Corrales International School in Albuquerque from 9 a.m. through 12. She will be discussing the latest research on what happens to a parent’s brain when exposed to constant chaos, stress, and dissension. “Blocked care” is the term used for the state of mind that a parent reaches where he or she is no longer able to make a healthy connection with the child due to continued upheaval in the relationship. The good news is that when we understand what is going on in the brain and body we are more able to make changes to improve it. Just as understanding our child’s neurology brings us more compassion toward them, understanding our own neurology can help us have more compassion on ourselves- and give us hope to change. We at Fiesta are so excited about this training, we are arranging to have it videotaped to offer it around the state.

To register for this class, which includes free childcare and brunch to those who rsvp, call Donna (259-8742), Monica (877-380-3595) or Carol (888-298-7562). We can’t wait to learn about this important topic with you. (And afterward, I’m sure I’ll be better equipped to read the second half of Dr. Hughes’ book.)


Deb said...

Will copies of this seminar be available for purchase, or will there be workshops so we can view it with a group?
I really need this.

Thank you.

Deb said...

Will a copy of the seminar be available for purchase, or will there be a workshop where we can see it with a group?
I really need this now.

Thank you,