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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Book Club Update

I can't say that the number of people participating is astounding, but for those of us who are participating, (Facebook group, NM Fiesta Book Club) it's been great! If you've joined, please visit and leave a few sentences so we know you're out there, even if you're not reading the book. If you haven't joined- join! It's a great book and even better ongoing conversation. Here's part of a recent post from Evonne Harden-

“Reading aloud to our young sons has been an excellent way to share experiences, to sit close and to tie heart-strings ever since my two boys first came home at ages 7 and 10. I would sit beside their beds, alternating each night, and read aloud while I rubbed either their head or feet, whichever end was presented. It doesn’t always have to be good literature. A few months ago I bought a yellow Labrador puppy for my youngest son. We are reading through Cesar Millan’s “How to Raise the Perfect Dog”. Millan discusses the differences between raising a puppy well from the beginning and needing to rehabilitate a pet with a past. My son remarked that he is like the pet that needed rehabilitation. We didn’t then go into a lengthy discussion. He just saw likenesses and commented and we went on. Little by little, understanding is developing without defining the boys as broken and yet acknowledging that we are in the process of pursuing healing. These lights turn on over and again. It is a great blessing to see the world through the eyes of a child who is an over-comer. I, too, am being changed and I hope to grow-up well myself one day.”



lavendergardener said...

That is profound.

lavendergardener said...

I just went back and read through the discussion and am so blessed by it. Wow. What wisdom and vulnerability. I love it. I've been meaning to participate but that has gotten lost in the daily. Will try harder. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

very useful read. I would love to follow you on twitter.