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Monday, February 1, 2010

Region Two Updates

Hello everyone!
This is Tim Martinez, the Family Contact from Region Two. I have to re-introduce myself due to a sabbatical that I am returning from.
Just before Thanksgiving our phone rang...you all know where this is going right? It was our social worker wishing us a Happy Holiday season....yeah right... she was calling to let us know that she had a sibling group consisting of two little brothers, age 15 months and six days. Without nine months to prepare mentally or household wise, Marie and I prayed about the situation and decided we were up for the challenge.
Bringing in a newborn into the house was quite interesting. Two in the morning feedings, three in the morning feedings, four in the morning feedings. Changing the diapers on a 15 month old that eats table food, it's all good.
So, Here are some dates to save for February.

Feb. 13th- ICE SKATING in Los Alamos, NM 4:00pm

Feb.23rd- Love and Logic Video and discussion in Raton,NM 5:30pm

Feb.27th- Eating Disorders Training in Las Vegas,NM 9-12pm

Feb. 28th- Lunch and discussion(Support group) in Santa Fe,NM 2:00pm

Please feel free to contact me via e-mail: tim.martinez@la-familia-inc.org or by phone 505.470.6941

I am looking forward to hitting the pavement for some good old Adoption Support activities!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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