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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Free Therapy Tool!

You know those mirror neurons you’re always hearing about reprogramming? How about the rerouting of neuropathways? Good news! Adoptive mom, Kelly Matney, has developed a great new therapy intervention to help re-frame the way your child sees himself, his family and his world. (Yes, she’s a genius. No, she is not a researcher or neuropsychologist.) It isn’t expensive and you don’t need to order advertised equipment. You already have the tool- your smart phone. Kelly catches her three littles while they are in “real child” mode- laughing, smiling, playing, connecting with each other, connecting with their parents (lots of selfies). Kelly takes a lot of photos. Then she deletes a lot of photos. The ones she keeps are precious- loving looks between siblings, hugs with mom, laughing at a joke with dad, fun in the snow, the backyard, the breakfast table, the museum. (Even if you get only one keeper out of 50, it’s as simple as hitting delete. 49 times. Lol) What is left is priceless. It is a chance to show your child how beautiful he is, how much his parents delight in him, how much fun you have together, and what a great family he has. If he missed those moments gazing into your eyes as a newborn, he has an opportunity to do it now. Because the trick is to make sure your child sees the photos. A lot. Make them into an album, make them into a book, browse them on the phone together when you’re stuck in line at the grocery store or doctor’s waiting room or snuggled up on the couch. Let your child know how cute he is (even if he's 15) and how much you love your time together. Those quick glimpses into the eyes of the child underneath the tantrums and attitudes, the sweet softness as your child is sleeping, petting the dog, or reading to his brother will change his opinion of himself and reinforce his value in your family and his world. And what kid doesn’t love to look at photos of himself?! Brilliant, Kelly. Brilliant.


Larry Martell said...

I've always known she is a genius

Anonymous said...

"Watch me Mom! Watch me Dad! That's what every child wants and needs. Great job Kelly.