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Saturday, October 3, 2009

One Happy Mistake!

Well, my boy is out of the hospital and doing better. He’s scheduled for surgery (out-patient) in about a week and we’re hoping that he’ll be as good as new. We’ll have that book club I promised you up this next week…you are reading the “Twenty Things…” book aren’t you?

I had a cool “Fiesta” thing happen last week and couldn’t wait to tell you about it. I had arranged to go to a conference I ran across online. It’s kind of a big deal, but I hadn’t heard about it before this year- the SW Conference on Disabilities at the Convention Center in Albuquerque. I got the okay to attend, but not knowing how helpful it would be, I chose to go the day in which the most workshops were related to kids. (Everything about this conference is kind of pricey.) I also put down the big bucks to rent an eight inch piece of real estate on a table so I could park a pile of our brochures. We thought about renting an entire table, but it was either that or pay the electric bill. (I am sooo cheap- I parked about a mile away to avoid paying $6 for the parking lot. Besides, I figured I could count it as working out, as long as I could avoid getting mugged in the back ally.) After I got my bearings, I searched for our bright orange flyers on the designated table and they weren’t there! When I am in these types of situations, my Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality disorder surfaces and I have to choose one, so I put on a smile and went to find someone who looked official. After explaining the problem, the reply was, “Oh, I know about that. We made the mistake of putting them into the bags instead.” Well, Hallelujah! That option would have cost a squillion dollars more than just sticking them on the table, so now everyone who went to the conference will have an opportunity to know about us. It’s the kind of mistake that you love to hear about!

Anyway, the conference itself was very good and I learned a lot to pass on to other parents, but the best part was the people I met. I must have run across everyone who attended that had an adoption story, several of them adoptive parents themselves. What fun! Oh- and I didn’t get mugged.

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